Research at Westlands

Taking part

People take part in research for many reasons.

Whatever your reason, we hope you will get involved in ours so that together we can make things better for everyone.

What has Research to do with me?

Participation in research is critical in helping prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases and illnesses.

When you participate in a clinical trial you are making a huge contribution and making that happen.

With you alongside and helping with research, many people can benefit.

How could I benefit from taking part in Research?

  • The Research team will keep you updated on your progress and how the study is doing. Research helps to learn more about your condition where you can access professional advice.
  • Research improves services and treatments, not just for you but for future generations too. Your contribution can help the development of new tests for diagnosis, treatments and processes which can benefit many people.
  • Being part of the research can give you a more positive outlook with any health issues.

What are the ways you can you help and take part in Research at Westlands Medical Centre?

  • A doctor or nurse may talk to you about a particular study and ask whether you would be interested in participating.
  • You may be sent information through the post if you seem suitable for a study
  • You may see information within the practice, here on the practice website, or social media channels and wish to find out more information about taking part.

Who are the Research Team at Westlands Medical Centre?

We have a dedicated research team who are involved with the delivery of research studies.

Call the Clinical Research Nurse Barbara Watkins to talk about our research, and any questions you may have on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 07958611538

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