Patient Participation Group

Westlands Medical Centre has had an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) since 2010.

Its aim is to act as an advocate for its patient population and as a critical friend to the Management Team; meetings are held with the Practice Staff at least four times per year, to share information and contribute to future plans.

These meetings provide a vital opportunity for Westlands Medical Centre (WMC) staff to hear the views of the Patient Group and obtain feedback from this group about any proposed changes which will affect patients.

Action points arising from the Patient Group, if appropriate, will be taken to the WMC Management Team.

Other meetings are held for working on specific projects when necessary; these meetings may be in person, or virtual.

The purpose of a PPG

  • To work closely with the surgery staff to discuss topics of mutual interest
  • To provide patients with a formal channel to WMC to provide feedback about their experience, interests and concerns
  • To encourage patients to make positive suggestions about the Practice
  • To encourage health education activities within the Practice
  • To provide the surgery with a patient viewpoint when considering new developments, improvements and changes

PPG Activities

We have worked with the surgery to:

  • Improve the contents of the noticeboards in the Waiting Room
  • Develop a more patient-friendly website
  • Provide help to the staff on the busy flu-clinic days
  • Encourage those with a caring role to register as a carer
  • Encourage veterans to register this status
  • Increase the use of online services
  • Contribute to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection
  • Assist with conducting surveys

Membership of the PPG

Any patient, registered at Westlands Medical Centre who would like to take an active role in the PPG, is welcome to express an interest in joining by contacting a member of WMC Management Team.

PPG in the future
The PPG would like to increase the number of ways patients can be involved.

Not everybody wants to or is able to attend meetings, but patients may still wish to be informed of developments and to have the opportunity to make comments and suggestions.

Hence, we would like to set up a Virtual Group, in order to canvass their views, obtain their feedback and invite them to contribute to surveys.

Would you like to join us?

A chance to share your views and make a difference to Westlands from a patient perspective.

The PPG works with Westlands to improve communication with their patients.

We are looking for new members to be involved in various ways.

In the past, the PPG has helped to increase the register of carers, marshalled at flu clinics, maintained noticeboards in the waiting room and played an active role in reviewing new initiatives.

In the future, we plan to take part in surveys and increase patient awareness of, and involvement with our group.

Please contact the surgery on for any enquiries.

Patient Group Reporting