Get Medical Help

Who should I see?

Many healthcare problems can be dealt with without having to make an appointment to see your GP. We ask that you consider whether the ‘3 before GP‘ approach would be appropriate for you.

This allows more GP time and availability to help people with complex or chronic problems.

To help you decide where to go first, if you’re unsure, visit Another helpful source of information is

Non-urgent advice: Life Threatening Emergencies

In the event of a life threatening emergency such as a heart attackstrokesepsissevere bleeding or unconsciousness, you should always call 999.

Urgent Medical Problems

This is when a problem needs attention the same day.

(Please note that if the problem is so severe that it cannot wait 4 hours for contact, you should call 111 or attend the Emergency Department.)

For minor accidents or injuries, you should visit a minor injuries unit.

Routine Medical Problems

We will usually respond to these within a week, but at times of extreme demand, it may take longer. If your GP is on leave then your contact will be reviewed by another member of the team to ensure it is safe to wait for your own GP’s return.

This button should not be used for:

  • Phlebotomy (blood taking) – call reception on 02392 377514
  • Medication – use EMIS Patient Access (quickest), the NHS App or this form
  • Nurse appointments – call reception on 02392 377514

 If you have difficulties or concerns, please contact reception.

Medication Requests

Repeat prescriptions can be requested using:

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot take medication requests over the phone.