Building Work

Planned building works at Westlands Medical Centre

Westlands has been in much need of additional clinical and administrative space for a while. We are now able to move forward with a conversion of existing loft space in our building to free up much needed capacity. This will help Westlands continue to deliver quality care to our patients and meet the increasing demands on primary care.

The works are scheduled to start on Monday 13th February 2023, and we are pleased to advise that the surgery will remain open throughout with minimal impact on patients and services. The contractor is predicting a 16-week schedule for completion of the works, and there will be a 4-week period at the beginning of the project where we have to close the main entrance of the building.

The effect for patients will be a 16-week period with reduced on site car parking, and a 4-week period where there is onsite parking and the need to enter the building via a different route. The community centre car park will be unaffected.

First 4 weeks of the build

We will be asking all patients not to park onsite. The car park will be closed for 4 weeks to ensure health and safety of all staff and patients entering the building via an alternative route.

Access to the building will be via a door at the back of the building as shown on the diagram. We will have appropriate signage to guide patients to the temporary new entrance.

If anyone feels they would struggle with accessing the building, then staff can be phoned via 02392 377514. to assist. Once in the building please follow the signage to the temporary reception and regular waiting area.

4-5 weeks onwards

We will gain back some of the car park, but some areas will still be restricted. The normal entrance will be reopened.

We hope to complete the required work with as little disruption to patients and services as possible, and our contractors are aware of the need to maintain service delivery.

The pharmacy should not be affected by these works in terms of access, and it should be accessible throughout.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of Westlands.